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One of the most informative and hottest.

The Leatherman's Handbook Ii - Larry Townsend

This was the book that got me into S&M Erotica.  It is very informative and Townsend's vignettes are quite hot.  He does manage to mix the educational with the erotica.


As a young man, I read this cover to cover numerous times.  I was disappointed when I would go out and it wasn't like what I read.  But then that's reflective of the lack of commitment of the men to the culture.


Mr. Benson: A Novel - John Preston

This book has been a favorite of mine.  I have read it at least 5 times and it never tires.  I was coming out when I first read it.  I identified with Jamie so much that I wish I could be him.  I sought out men just like Mr. Benson, but never seemed to find one.  But I keep going back to the story.  The first two thirds is the best.  When the plot kicks in, it does wobble.  But that's a minor issue.


11 Days with Sgt. Tate - Robert Zigmont

One of the best kinky books I have ever read.  To call this erotica is to completely undervalue the story.  This is one intense read.  I got taken to places I never thought I would read.  I went through just about every emotion possible.  I even cried in parts.  These characters struck a chord with me.